Role of Human Resource Management in an Organisation

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Role of Human Resource Management in an Organisation

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The term ‘Human’ represents the dimension of human resource management, which relates to the soft aspect such as commitment through participation and the most important aspect being the employees in any organization.

‘Resource’ can be narrated as the strong facet such as strategy link of “HRM” and the importance of efficient utilization of employees. ‘Management’  in human resource management defines the role of HRM as part of management that implies that it is not only an administrative function that carries out the formulated policies.

But also a managerial function that contributes to strategy formulation for the betterment of the organization as well as employees.

HR is the part of the organization that is related to the ‘human’ dimension which is involved with the human relations of an organization starting from recruitment to employee relations – Involving the process of Procurement, Development, Implementation, Motivation, and Alimentation of human resources of an organization.

According to people Human Resource Management may be defined as a set of policies, practices, and programs designed to maximize both personal and organizational objectives.

However, it is a process by which the people and the organizations are bound together in such a way that both of them can achieve their objectives and help each other to grow.

The Human Resource Strategy is mainly key areas of HR, having recruitment, engagement, relationship building, team management, training & development, performance analysis, development, compensation, and exit formalities.

To manage the sketching, directing, and controlling of the procurement, development, compensation, integration, methodizing, maintenance, and reproduction of human resources to the end those individuals, organizational and societal objectives are accomplished.

The integral part of the process of management can be based on Human Relations, Comprehensive Functions, Pervasive Functions, People-oriented Planning, Continuous Process, Science as well as and art.

A successful HR strategy should be able to pin down what motivates employees and originate a strategic plan around that understanding. Think about having an open discussion or designated surveys about what motivates employees and ask them to rank a series of options in order of importance to them.

The HR strategy is thus a long-term plan that imposes HR practices throughout the organization.

HR Strategies Include Some Pinpoints to Smoothen Down the Process

Goal setting programs can help increase the productivity and skills of employees. This will help them in going beyond their limits and identify the hidden talent which can be helpful for future growth as well as they will eventually become more confident and skilled.

These programs shall improve the working strategy of the employee; they try to work smartly and accurately to achieve their goals. The appreciation given by the Management for their work gives a boost to the employee to maintain their performance.

An employee should be engaged in different activities like games, debates, etc. to lighten the environment, release the pressure, and build bonding with their teammates and colleagues. It also helps in the overall development of the Person.

Productivity and a sense of responsibility depending on the atmosphere of the workplace are equally important to be imbibed. A positive and a happier workplace inspire employees to give their best and to be with the organization for a long time. When an organization treats its employees like family, the employees also do their work as their responsibility and give a high-quality performance and this practice increases loyalty and a sense of positivity for the Organization.

Proper feedback should be taken from employees regarding challenges they are facing in the company and their workplace likes and dislikes. Feedbacks are very important because this helps to recognize the weak points which need to be identified and resolved. Feedback can be taken in two ways in a written format like feedback forms can be filled in online or offline both manners so that the feedback can be stored and analyzed by the management. By using this format employees can have the security of their privacy as if they don’t want to share their feedback publically and give their feedback as anonymously.

The second type of feedback can be verbally like in general meeting some issues can be discussed with the team and solution can be found at the same time or sometimes later. In this manner, employees feel free to discuss their awkwardness or problems with management and also give ideas on how to overcome the problem. Thus feedback is very important in any organization to communicate with each other easily and helps to build trust in management. Proper reporting manner and project submission plan for every employee. 

Human Resource Policies

Good human resource policies help in attracting and maintaining the best people in the organizations. Effective management of human resources promotes teamwork and team spirit and encourages people to work with diligence and commitment. Since the performance of the company depends upon the qualities of the people employed, the Management of the organization should focus on the motivation of employees by providing them various financial and non-financial incentives.

A good human resource manager should have expertise in  Grievance Redressal, Job Design, Work Scheduling, Job Evaluation, Performance Appraisal, Compensation, Administration, Executive Development,  Human Resource Development, Social Security Measures Discipline, Maintenance of Health and Safety, Employee Participation & Empowerment,  Incentives & Benefits, Career Planning & Development and should have familiar relations with Employee Welfare, Teams, and teamwork, Trade Unions & Employee Associations, and Industrial Relations.

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