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Digitization Services (Document Digitization)

In today’s world, technology is ubiquitous and permeates every aspect of our lives, including various niches and industries. People, just like yourself, are increasingly fascinated by the endless possibilities provided by digital resources. Eminenture, a globally renowned firm, has established a strong reputation for providing top-notch digitization services to customers, both offshore and onshore. As one of the leading companies in India, we guarantee high-quality services that you can trust.

Our range of services includes digitization, whereby we transform paper-bound invoices, bills, and documents into digital format, making them easily accessible over the internet. Our exceptional digitization enables you to access customer behavior and preferences, along with analytical data on production, efficiency, and manpower. With this information at your fingertips, you can make decisions that yield outstanding results.

What are digitization services?

The process of scanning and converting text, files, or images into an editable digital format is known as digitization. This process offers numerous advantages, including the elimination of transcription errors, the integration of business systems, improved access to information, increased safety of critical data, easy sharing through online resources, and more. Moreover, these benefits come at no cost, as opposed to maintaining physical copies. The compatibility of digital files with all modes enables access to a vast amount of data online, without missing out on any detail. Our data mining outsourcing services offer all these advantages, contributing to the most practical and efficient business intelligence.

Types of Digitization services

Business Documents Digitization Solutions

We offer document digitization services that help our clients organize their business information resources in an electronic format. Our skilled team converts physical copies of documents into digital versions, providing them in a range of file formats such as PDF, JPEG, TIFF, and more. We ensure that the quality of the scanned documents meets the highest standards, preserving graphical content as accurately as possible. Furthermore, we leverage widely adopted Document Management Systems or ECM solutions to establish well-organized and easily accessible databases. By using advanced OCR technology, we ensure that the digital copies are fully searchable.

Books and Manuscripts Digitization Solutions

TROOLOGY manages the majority of loose and unbound business documents for our clients by utilizing roller-fed high-speed scanning machines. On the other hand, digitizing books often involves separate technologies due to their bound nature. Our top-of-the-line face-up or non-contact type scanning machines are utilized to accomplish this. These machines do not require any rollers to pass through, and we employ the best available technologies to provide the highest quality digitization services to our clients.

Image digitization solutions

 Specialized laboratories are available at TROOLOGY to digitize images, including slides, film, and other formats. Our broad range of scanning solutions includes microfilm, photos, and slides of any size. Our expert team is well-equipped to manage the entire scanning process and possesses on-site experience in converting various media assets and multimedia archives, irrespective of their size, format, or extent. Using top-quality scanning devices, we produce highly color-accurate digital versions of multiple photographs. We can scan and transform unfastened photos, photos contained in magnetic or sleeved albums, scrapbooks, bound albums, and various other formats.

Technical Documents Solutions

At our company, we offer digitization services to various industries for their technical documents and manuals. Our track record boasts of the successful conversion of thousands of technical manuals, binders, and folders into digital versions. We use advanced equipment to ensure that our client’s content is transformed into top-notch quality digital copies. Our team is meticulous in scanning hard copies and organizing metadata as per client specifications. We take extra measures to handle documents of varying sizes such as letters, drawings, and pullouts, among others.

How does it work?

At TROOLOGY, our primary focus is to meet our client’s needs to the best of our ability. We have a defined work process that we follow for every project to ensure successful delivery. To start, we make sure we fully comprehend our client’s requirements. Once we receive the necessary documents, we select the best scanning machine and technology based on the document type, size, and volume. Our expert team then proceeds to scan and digitize the documents into the desired file formats. Our quality analysts then step in to review for errors and other issues. Only after they authenticate and finalize the soft copies, do we submit them to our clients. Our digitization solutions comprise understanding, receiving, selecting, scanning, digitizing, quality analyzing, editing (if necessary), authenticating, and submitting.

Key issues

Modern business organizations deal with an overwhelming volume of official paperwork, compelling them to adopt digital formats for their record management. Companies offering digitization services must have the ability to scan various paper documents through multiple platforms. Their Document Management and ECM solutions should create digital databases that encompass all the attributes of traditional databases.

Unfortunately, most digitization companies do not incorporate OCR technology in their data scanning processes, resulting in unsearchable documents. Additionally, some companies lack the necessary high-quality scanning and conversion devices, resulting in slow progress and difficulties managing clients’ paperwork. To provide affordable services, digitization service providers must have access to modern machines. Moreover, many companies do not employ a well-trained and experienced team, leading to longer project completion times. These challenges encountered by existing service providers impede the growth of client brands.

How can TROOLOGY help?

Our company, TROOLOGY, offers professional data scanning conversion solutions that cater to the needs of various international companies. We work as a cohesive team with access to top-notch scanning equipment to deliver thousands of digital conversion projects with proven success. Our dedicated project managers, expert scan operators, and quality analysts ensure that each document receives the utmost care and attention. Our primary goal is to provide our clients with the highest-quality images and the most accurate data index while guaranteeing compatibility with the latest and best Document Management Systems.

We specialize in providing error-free document scanning, conversion, and digitization solutions to various industry niches. Our extensive experience allows us to improvise and deliver the best possible results for our clients. We value our clients and prioritize their requirements, providing trusted outcomes every time. Our efficient and original solutions help our clients achieve their goals, and our robust quality control system ensures we always exceed expectations.

At TROOLOGY, we utilize modern hardware and software to deliver impeccable typesetting results. Our teams are well-versed in the latest technologies, ensuring we always stay ahead of the curve. We offer affordable solutions, and our typesetting services come with zero errors, guaranteeing top-notch results every time.

Streamlining Business Operations with Digital Solutions

Streamline business operations and increase efficiency with our digital solutions, from document digitization to automated workflow processes.

Digitization services refer to the process of converting physical documents, images, audio and video recordings, or other analog media into digital formats. These services can be used to preserve and make accessible important historical or cultural material, or to make it easier for businesses to manage and share their records and information. 

The process of digitization typically involves scanning or capturing the original material, and then using specialized software to clean up and enhance the digital version. The resulting files can be stored, indexed, and easily shared with others. The use of digitization services can also include the process of digitizing art, books, photographs, and documents for preservation, online access, and future use.

Conversion of physical documents and media into digital format, making them easy to store, share, and access.

Preservation of important historical or cultural material in a durable digital format that can be easily accessed and used in the future.

Improved efficiency and productivity for businesses through streamlined record management, automated workflow processes, and easy access to information.

Enhanced security for sensitive information through the ability to easily track access and control permissions for digital documents.

Frequently Asked Questions

Digitization services can convert a wide range of materials, including documents, photographs, audio and video recordings, books, and artwork.

Digitization can make it easier to access and share information, improve organization and record-keeping, and preserve original materials.

The process typically involves scanning or capturing the original material, and then using specialized software to clean up and enhance the digital version. The resulting files can be stored, indexed, and easily shared with others.

Digitization providers will usually have strict security protocols in place to protect the confidentiality and integrity of the digital files, such as secure data storage, access controls, and backup systems.

The time required to digitize materials can vary depending on the amount and complexity of the materials, as well as the specific methods used. It usually varies from few hours to several days.
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