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Earn your success based on quality service

Start Living With Purpose

Earn your success based on quality service

by troology
Smart Cards & Enrollment for Welfare Scheme Disbursement

Government Department has several welfare schemes for the various class/strata of the population of the State which are very beneficial & encouraging for the upliftment of the lower strata of the population.

Government Department was looking to organize a huge sector of un-organized Labors of the State and issue them a unique identification which shall enable the Government to initiate the development & disbursement of welfare schemes to the Labors.

The Department wanted to streamline the manual process of various transactional activities in the registration of Labours, Construction & Establishment in the State with the help of technology.

From conceptualization, to development of policies, to engaging mass enrollment of the Labors, a carefully planned web based system was built for registering/enrolling the Labors of the State which was duly verified by the Labor Inspectors of the area.

Further, the complete process of calculating CESS and payment has been made online along with the establishment of Online Labor Acts.

Secured Biometric Card has been issued to the registered Labors of the State. In all, close to 2 million of Labors has been registered successfully and has been issued a Secured Biometric Card. The system has enabled to enunciate a strong decision support system for the Government Department thereby enabling disbursal of various welfare schemes to the now organized segment.


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