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1.) Register on Google My Business

You can take your business online using Google my business service. This service lets you create and promote a website for free for your business.

You can create the website, display the product or service in the product catalogue area. Apart from this you can also mention the visiting hours and your contact details. For your customer’s ease you may mention both email id and phone number, whichever way customer feels comfortable to contact you.

Apart from Google you can create your free business listing on yahoo and Bing.

Link for Google listing: https://www.google.com/business/

Link for yahoo listing: https://smallbusiness.yahoo.com/

Link for Bing listing: https://www.bingplaces.com/

After you have registered for your online listing; they will verify your identity by sending you a postcard and thereafter you can proceed with your online website.

2.) Maintain a Blog Website which is SEO friendly

There are many businesses which maintain their website regularly, provide information about their business, share the updates and display their products and services. Even the businesses which operate offline, they also maintain a website to reach to a larger audience.

  • Blog websites provide a brief description about a particular topic

In today’s competitive world, businesses not only focus on sharing the content but making sure their website comes up whenever a customer wants to purchase a relatable product. This is identified as search engine optimization (SEO). Blogs are an interesting way nowadays to promote your business online. This means to optimize your content in a way so that your website ranks on the top.

You need to understand the search engine’s algorithm for this task. So in order to maintain a blog website:

  • Determine your niche
  • Research and collect the data
  • Know how to use SEO to your advantage
  • Post regularly

3.) Make use of business directories

There are many b2b directories which generates a lot of online traffic. Some examples of Indian directories are just dial, indiamart, etc.

  • Just dial lets you shop online, book hotels, movie tickets, train tickets, bill payments, finding jobs and many more. Here various companies have created their free account and have been doing business happily. Just dial generates a large number of traffic due to its diversified services.
  • Indiamart is also an online marketplace where buyers meet with sellers. You can register for free on indiamart and start selling your products.
  • In order to quickly promote your business online make sure you keep your audience involved and constantly network with them. Customers enquire and provide reviews; so be in touch with them regularly
4.) Making use of social media

Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and twitter have the most active users in today’s time. You can start your free business account on these platforms and start advertising your products.

Also, with Linkedin, you can reach to a million potential customers. Add connections on LinkedIn; tell them about your business. Similarly, start a business page on Facebook and Twitter.

  • Apart from this, YouTube is also an option where you can post videos showcasing your product and grow your audience there. The key to success is posting regularly and gradually increasing your reach. YouTube is also free.
  • Join online communities and attend online events on these platforms where people like you are discussing the ideas.
5.) Email marketing campaigns

You can advertise for your business through running email marketing campaigns. Spread awareness, display your catalogue and provide links to your website in the email. Provide contact details, address for offline place (if any) in the email.

6.) Online news reading sites

There are various online news reading sites that provide the facility of advertising your business for free. But for a limited period of time. You can consider this option because these sites have a large audience to cater to which can see your business advertisement whenever they visit that website.

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